Project Details


I’ve started using UberEats back in 2016. from that day I’ve used UberEats almost every week. There're some problems I am facing currently which needs to be fixed, and I think many of you reading this must be facing the same problem. So, I decided to solve the problems with the design.


UX Research & Design


User Interview
User Flow
Wireframes & Mockups
Hi-Fi Prototype


Adobe Photoshop
Google Forms


User Experience Questionnaire

Why do you use UberEats?
1. There are often preferential prices,  27%.
2. The food can be delivered to the door without going out,  26%
3. The number of people in the home is too large and called out, 19%.

What incidents have you experienced using Ubereats?
1. The estimated time provided is not accurate enough, 40%.
2. The problem needs to inform customer service, but can not find contact information, 27%.

Based on the result, I defined that the goal of the project was to improve the user experience during whole journey, while also more effectively representing the high quality, easy-used, and friendly atmosphere of the APP.


Wireframe sketches

New feature

Occasional discounts, which should highlighted at the beginning of the main screen.

New feature

Users could add comments which benefit the consumer experience.

New feature

Users could compare prices of different restaurants in shopping cart.

Hi-fidelity Prototype

The interactive prototype


I showed this design to those 20 people I interviewed, just to see their reaction. and here are some of their reactions:

1. It would be great if i can do something like this on UberEats.

2. Now I can get more details about each dish, so I won't make mistake easily.

3. If I want to hold a house party, I definitely would order in UberEats.

What I learned:

When I decided to solve this problem. I thought it’s just me facing the problem. However, as I got into the research phase, I got to know there are many other people are facing this kind of issues.

Solving a problem for the actual user is a completely different thing. I learned a lot throughout the interview process, learned about using an existing design system in solution. I think one of the best things about learning is that you learn what works, and what doesn’t. You learn how to do things faster and better. Using box shadow, gradient and rounded corners are not important when you are solving a problem with the design.

However, UberEats has hundreds of people working on it. There is a reason why certain features cannot be included. But evolution is inevitable. It’s necessary to give features that allow users to create the experience they are looking for. it will be beneficial for users and the company too.